Pikachu Just Wants to Help You Relax These Days

Welcome to Pokémon Resort, where you and your adorable pocket monster can indulge in such amenities as the spa, zip-lining and extreme yoga. If that sounds like paradise, then you’re probably in the target demographic for “Pokémon Concierge,” Netflix’s unassuming yet refreshing new stop-motion series.

At just four episodes, none of them longer than 20 minutes, “Pokémon Concierge” may seem like nothing more than a shallow TV confection targeted toward tots. But the series’s instant popularity indicates otherwise. “Pokémon Concierge” is a lovable diversion, but for an older crowd; it’s not quite a confection, but more like comfort food for the modern, anxious millennial.

The show follows Haru, a young woman in need of a change after facing job problems, a breakup and a string of bad luck. She comes up with a practical solution: get on a boat and travel to an island resort to become a concierge to cute lil’ magical battle-pets.

There’s no plot whatsoever to the series; each episode is just a peek into a day of Haru’s time on the island. The most difficult tasks she faces involve making sure the guests aren’t running too close to the pool and tracking down a Pokémon’s floaty.

And yet Haru is incessantly worried, letting her anxieties get the best of her. The first assignment she’s given — to simply explore and enjoy the resort like a guest — nearly breaks her spirit. Scared she has failed the job on the first day by accidentally getting too relaxed, she tries to prove her worth like any harried office worker would — by making a PowerPoint presentation.

Haru, a new Pokémon Resort concierge, with Psyduck.Credit…Netflix

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