She Ordered an Ashtray and Got a Can of Tuna

Bailey Cormier was browsing the Saks Fifth Avenue website one evening when she decided to buy a blue and white, porcelain ashtray, for $275.

When her order arrived a few days later, the 25-year-old attorney was excited to open the Dolce & Gabbana Casa box, wrapped in cellophane and nested inside a standard cardboard shipping box. Nothing seemed amiss, but when Ms. Cormier opened the sleek black package, she found something else entirely: a can of Bumble Bee Solid White Albacore Tuna, worth about $1.99.

Though she’d never posted on TikTok before, Ms. Cormier was so perplexed, she created an account specifically to share her bizarre tale.

“I thought I was being punk’d,” Ms. Cormier said. “I fully expected Ashton Kutcher to pop out. I picked it up and I was like OK, maybe it’s underneath? I put it up to my ear and shook it. It was sloshing!”

“Tuna-gate,” as Ms. Cormier is calling it, is one of a handful of TikTok posts from users claiming to be customers who were sent wrong or counterfeit items instead of what they actually ordered online.

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