Breaths of Fresh Hair

After witnessing what appeared to be a total democratization of hairstyles at fashion weeks in February and March, I was interested to see what cuts and colors might emerge in the crowds during the latest fashion month, which started in September in New York and ended in early October in Paris.

The days when hair wasn’t meant to take attention from clothes, for the most part, are over. Some of the most notable styles included streaked or individually dyed braids and choppy bowl cuts with layered colors. Fiery orange appeared to be the hue of the season: It was impossible to miss, no matter the shade. And a dominant styling trend was a just-out-of-the-shower wet look, which gave a slickness to heads both on and off the runway.

As different as hairstyles were, they all brought attention to faces, reminding onlookers that style is not just about clothes but the people wearing them.

A reddish-orange as brilliant as that of any foliage.
Messy hairstyling can enhance meticulous accessorizing.

Tigers and zebras and a pink bob, oh yes!

Great mohawks aren’t always spiky.
Her pink waves looked more ethereal in the breeze.
This sculptural cut, which fades from fuchsia to black, plays with shades and silhouettes.
Another striking instance of fuchsia and black, this time with dark roots.
A mane with the duality of a mullet and the color of a marigold.
Swept-back styling helped showcase the model Erin O’Connor’s mix of reds and browns.
Like Geminis, their matching cuts, center, had a couple personalities: namely, blond and brunette.
Artfully arranged swirls added a surrealist touch to a two-toned bob.
Her individually dyed braids made for another arresting contrast.
The webbed-sleeve-encased forearms echoed his dip-dyed locs.
Different textures can show off blended colors to greater effect.
The dangling scarf made her mountain of spheres seem more delicate, as if one tug could undo it.
Ribbons (and pearls) helped tie her hair and outfit together.
She employed face-framing curls, braids and bows.
Two words to describe her overall look? Solid gold.
Kinks and curves give a ponytail attitude.
Her double pony, somehow, defied gravity.
That bun was peacocking in the best way.
The slicked strands mirrored the lines on her shirt jacket.
Her hair color had an intensity that paint couldn’t replicate.
An enviable shag, not least because of how it moved.
Her relaxed curls appeared even softer bathed in sunlight.
The lush Afro, long lashes and thick brows radiated vitality.

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