Law has two basic functions in a society. The first is to ensure social order, and the second is to ensure justice. These functions also show that the law has some duties. These tasks are;

Law has a basic purpose, such as ensuring peace and tranquility in society.

Law provides legal security in order to maintain this peace and trust environment in the society.

It establishes justice so that people can live equally.

Law also responds to changes and developments in society.

The law includes binding provisions in the relations of states with their own citizens and other states. The person providing this is a lawyer. The rights that the law provides to people are explained under the name of inalienable, inviolable and indispensable fundamental rights and freedoms. Everyone should be aware of these fundamental rights and freedoms and act accordingly. Knowing this information is important for seeking or defending our rights. Fundamental rights are protected by law in order to live together in safety and peace.

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