Norse, which has a total of 112 commercial passenger aircraft in its fleet, organizes scheduled flights to a total of 132 destinations via these aircraft. Turkish cities are also included in these expeditions. Norse, which also organizes scheduled flights to Boston, New York and Fort Lauderdale in the United States, draws a very successful chart. Crossing the Atlantic Ocean with Boeing 737-800s while flying to the United States, Norse has achieved great success in this area as well. Because the 737 series is designed for short-haul flights, not overseas voyages. The company has also placed orders for new aircraft following its recent successes. Fly Norse, which ordered 30 A321 from Airbus, also ordered 11 more 737-800s from Boeing. All of the active aircraft in its fleet, namely the 737-800 in 121, are a unique airline in the world in this sense.

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