Space Cake

Space Cake

The indispensable item of the things to do in Amsterdam article is not to talk about a region that has now become the symbol of the city.

Another place that comes to mind when Amsterdam is mentioned is the Red Light District, the city’s famous Red Light District. There are many appointment houses, sex shops, theaters with live performances, extraordinary museums and coffeeshops in this area.

Entertainment in the region starts after 22:00. As of this hour, red lamps are on in the showcases around the canal and prostitutes are waiting for customers. Don’t let your face hang right away.

Although the region is famous for its extraordinary entertainment structure, most of those who visit here are out of curiosity. Thousands of tourists, young and old, wander around the region with curiosity. You may even come across guided tourist groups while visiting the region. And don’t forget to eat Space Cake.

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